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Commonwealth Bank Australia


Replace Legacy Solution



  • 5 Year Program, Finished in 4 years!
    (Circa 2011-2016)
  • 1 year Early
  • 1 year under-budget!

“Balance within 1/10th of 1% Because of the Data Vault”, CFO

This program was setup to be a 5 year program.  One of the goals of this program was to replace a Legacy Logical Data Model / Data Warehouse.  It was called an “industry logical data model”, and was only providing 10% of the overall value that the business had hoped, after 10 years of investment and continued heartache it was time to stop the waste.

They also needed to align their IT teams that were geographically split.  They had multiple teams building to multiple standards, no consistency to speak of, no solid metrics or measurements they could apply at the management level to “judge success”.  After 10 years of initial investment, they had a legacy system comprised of a number of siloed solutions – each providing disparate answer sets to the business.

Their goal with this new Data Vault program was to: scale, provide consistency, enable auditability, move the culture to better ways of working (more agility), and ultimately to sunset the legacy warehouses they had in the company.

They had (at that time) 125 subsidiary banks, each with 10 to 25 feeds.  Including real-time, batch, documents, unstructured data sets, and more.  We kicked off the program with a hybrid environment of Teradata and Cloudera (heavily customized over the years).

Over 5 years they trained 400+ team members, and setup 40 teams of 10 members each.  These days, they actually apply Data Vault methodology to their operational ways of working as well. Change your business and be ready to scale with Data Vault 2.0 today. 

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