Data Vault Standards Board

Standards Board Mission

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We created the Data Vault standards board to craft and uphold a tried and tested set of standards.

These standards are designed so that the practitioner has a minimum set of necessary requirements to maintain in order to have the highest chance of building a successful Data Vault 2.0 Implementation, giving them the most business value and usability of their data.

What Does Our Board Do?

The Data Vault standards board is comprised of Data Vault 2.0 experts that meet annually to discuss the current state of the IT industry. Together, we review the changes in industry and technology, and vet the needs of both physical standards and logical standards. We also review and update ways-of-working (methodology). 

Our goal is to determine if changes are necessary, how they should be vetted, and if they qualify to become part of the Data Vault standards going forward. This supports the fact that customers embarking on Data Vault projects want to follow a standard methodology prescribed by experts, vetted by experts, and used everywhere by peers with consistent, tangible business outcomes.

Our Members

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Dan Linstedt

Author, founder, and inventor of the Data Vault standards including the model, methodology, and architecture. Dan is the world-renowned expert in Data Vault. He has 25+ years of IT industry experience with a majority of that time spent in big data systems, business intelligence, and data warehousing.


Sanjay Pande

Sanjay is the co-founder of DataVaultAlliance. He has over 20 years of industry experience spanning 3 continents, consulting with very large enterprises, leading data integration vendors and world-renowned public research universities.


Cindi Meyersohn

Cindi has worked in a variety of IT realms over the past 35 years and has spent the last 17 years working in applications and data engineering development within the DoD. She is COO of DataVaultAlliance and CEO of DataRebels.

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