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To tackle the problems you face in business requires a different approach.  The Data Vault 2.o solution is a unique methodology, architecture, and model  designed to provide 100% audit-able, massively scalable, repeatable, consistent, pattern-based data collection and management standards that are built from a top-down, business perspective.  Data is ingested and integrated into the solution from multiple operational systems and other sources. In an era where data is the lifeblood of decision-making, your Data Vault empowers businesses to handle increasingly complex data landscapes.

  • Ensure Data Consistency
  • Maintain System Interoperability
  • Safeguard Data History

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Unlock premium, direct analytic solutions consulting and expertise with our exclusive services. We’re committed to providing top-tier assistance, unrivaled in the market. Our unique offering includes personal guidance from Dan Linstedt, the inventor and pioneer of Data Vault, right at your site to tailor and refine your specific implementation.

Leveraging our certified and best-in-class resources, we focus on creating actionable insights and producing measurable, predictable, and significant outcomes for your business from the outset. Our proficiency not only complements your existing strategies but also directly contributes to enhancing your business value.

We’re eager to engage in a dialogue with you, understanding your unique needs, and crafting the ideal solutions that yield tangible contributions to your business. Dive into a world of unmatched data management capabilities with us and experience a transformative impact on your enterprise operations.

Education and Events

Explore the wide-ranging educational resources provided by DVA.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with DVA’s diverse educational offerings. Our comprehensive courses, lively forums, and stimulating conferences are curated to empower technical and team management personnel with profound insights into Data Vault. The knowledge you acquire here could revolutionize the way you view data management.

Whether you want to enroll in a course, engage in thoughtful discussions on our forum, or get hands-on experience at our conferences, we’ve got you covered. Immerse yourself in our resource-rich platform and pave the way for future advancements in your career.

Data Vault 2.0

The three pillars of Data Vault 2.0

Details Icon Methodology

The Methodology pillar emphasizes Agile principles and practices, providing a strategic framework for managing data projects effectively and efficiently. The Data Vault 2.0 Methodology involves iterative development, incremental delivery, continuous integration, and adaptability to changes, ensuring a responsive and robust data management process.

Home Icon Standard.png

This pillar focuses on the systems and structures that handle and store data. The Data Vault 2.0 Architecture is characterized by its hybrid approach, combining the best of 3rd normal form (3NF) and star schema techniques. It promotes scalability, flexibility, and adaptability in accommodating diverse data sources, making it particularly effective for large-scale data integration scenarios.

Details Icon Model

The Modeling pillar involves the logical and physical representation of data, providing a blueprint for designing, implementing, and utilizing data systems. Data Vault 2.0's modeling aspect is rooted in a schema design optimized for integration, auditability, and flexibility. It ensures that the data remains consistent, resilient, and easily accessible, even in complex, dynamic environments.

Certified Resources

The Number One Trusted Authority For All Things Data Vault 2.0

Because Data Vault projects are only successful when competent certified practitioners utilizing certified software tools follow the Data Vault 2.0 standard and prescribed guidelines for implementation.

Latest News

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M.I.T. Customer Journey

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Podcast – Fireside Chat with Dan Linstedt, Bill Inmon and Kent Graziano

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DV Standards

Data Vault 2.1 DRAFT Data Architecture Specification v2.1.0

Worlds first! Release of Draft: Data Vault 2.1 Data Vault Architecture Specification v2.1.0 – get it for FREE by logging in or re-creating your account.

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