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2024 World-Wide Data Vault Consortium

Calling All Sponsors and Speakers!

APRIL 28,2024 / 8AM NY EST • Stowe, Vermont, USA

2023 was our best conference to date!  Now, we’re gearing up for our 2024 event.  Join us for a unique opportunity to network with customers, vendors, and Data Vault Practitioners of all skill levels and professional backgrounds! Learn about Data Vault firsthand and find out what others in the industry are building.

The Podcasts Are Live!

DVA is excited to announce that it has launched our new podcast series.  Through this series, we will be:

  • Focusing on the business risks related to data and data analytics
  • Addressing how the Data Vault 2.0 solution mitigates these risks
  • What we mean when we say, Data Vaults Done Right, Everywhere, Every Time
  • Exploring the foundations of Data Vault like – where did the standards come from? Why are they so important to success? 
  • Discussing the challenges that Dan’s team was facing then and why those challenges are relevant today.
  • Sharing stories and experiences encountered along our Data Vault journey.

Tune in and listen to Data Vault’s Founder, Creator, and Inventor, Dan Linstedt.

The Number One Trusted Authority For All Things Data Vault 2.0
Because Data Vault projects are only successful when competent certified practitioners utilizing certified software tools follow the Data Vault 2.0 standard and prescribed guidelines for implementation.

Certified Resources

Join Our Network

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Master the Data Vault 2.0 Standards

Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner Training Boot Camp is available through our ATPs. 

  • Improve Business Intelligence and Analytics Understanding
  • Allow students to exercise skills in a group workshop environment
  • Show students how-to implement in a consistent and automated manner
  • Learn how to master the Data Vault standards and obtain true freedom with your data

Find a class world-wide through any of our authorize training partners.


Visit the Official Data Vault Forums

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Vendor Tool Certification Program

NEW! VTCP. This program aims to measure vendor outputs against Data Vault 2.0 Standards.

  • Getting your software certified attests that your tool’s DV2 specific components meet our standards
  • Lower support costs for DV 2.0 implementations
  • Reduced re-engineering customer-side, post-purchase
  • Easier documentation – following standard patterns and configuration

Get your software evaluated for certification.

What Brings it All Together?

Data Vault 2.0

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The Standard

The Data Vault 2.0 standard provides a proven recipe, backed by over 30,000 test cases, that can be implemented anywhere to deliver tangible outcomes every time.

Home Icon Value.png
Maximize Business Value

The only data analytics solution on the market that seeks to bring businesses value as its end goal, and incorporates this principle directly into its methodology.

Home Icon Solution.png
Innovative Solution

As opposed to chasing fads, the methodology takes a measured approach to industry trends and technology innovation and adapts to optimize business value.

Home Icon Methodology.png
Independent Methodology

The methodology is independent of specific data environments meaning that performance is always optimized and resiliency to changes in source data over time is impeccable.

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Data Vault 2.0 Data Modeling Specification v2.0.4

Data Vault Data Modeling Standards v2.0.4 available, along with a FREE ACCOUNT!

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Normalization Data Models
Snowflake:Getting Foreign Key Columns

A stored procedure to build and populate KEY_COLUMN_USAGE on Snowflake DB – because the database is currently missing this structure / view within the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

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Create Your Data Mesh with Data Vault 2.0

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