Data Vault 2.0 Certified Software Tools Program

About the Program

Our Vendor Tool Certification Program (VTCP) was initiated in 2021 to provide our clients with a means to verify vendor automation tools by version that have been submitted to DVA for compliance evaluation.  Vendors who participate in DVA’s program are evaluated on their tool’s ability to generate 100% compliant load processing code (DML) and relational data model definitions (DDL).

Vendor tools either pass or fail the certification process for the series of compliance tests to which the tool is subjected.  Refer to the testing matrix for the list of compliance features tested.

Achieving the certification demonstrates that the tool not only adheres to Data Vault 2.0 standards for the features tested but also CAN be utilized and trusted in helping you build a strong data analytics solution in the form of a data vault 2.0 solution.

VTCP Software Testing

What does it mean for a Vendor to pass the VTCP?

Data Vault 2.0 Implementation

In a nutshell, it means that the tool version submitted for evaluation is capable of generating 100% compliant set of DML and DDL for the features identified in the testing matrix.  

There is no guarantee that the individuals “driving” the tool will utilize the tool properly during the design phase to produce a compliant DV2 outcome.  DVA makes a distinction between the tool’s capability and the competency of the tool’s driver(s).  

DVA doesn’t guarantee that the driver is capable of designing a compliant Data Vault solution or competent in wielding the tool to do so.  We recognize that anyone can hit the “Easy Button”.

Importance of Using Certified Tools

This program is meant to save you time when researching and testing software tools for your data analytics solution. Participants in the DVA VTCP are evaluated on an equal playing field.  Those that pass the certification testing have met 100% compliance for the DV2 standards and recommended best practices listed in the testing matrix.  As the VTCP matures, more and more DV2 standards and recommended best practices will be added to the testing rigor.

Certified List

The following vendors have passed the testing for the specific tool name and version indicated on their Certificate of Compliance shown below

Vendor Participant List

The following vendors are currently participating in the VTCP –

What does it mean if a vendor is not shown on the Certified List?

It means that the vendor either failed the testing or did not complete their testing within the time specified prior to their participation deadline expiring.

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