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In 1990, founder of DVA and inventor of Data Vault 2.0, Dan Linstedt, started his journey at Lockheed Martin to find a better way to do Data Analytics. After great success at Lockheed, Dan decided to take Data Vault to the public. Since then and throughout the years we have helped hundreds of corporations and trained thousands of individuals as a step toward fulfilling our vision of Data Vaults Done Right, Everywhere, Every Time (TM). Now we’re ready to help you with our well-developed and structured Data Vault 2.0 consulting service!

How We Can Help

We will deliver the most elite Direct Data Vault 2.0 consulting that is available on the market. Dan Linstedt himself will come directly on-site to guide you in your specific implementation and recommend the use of only the best, certified resources which will ensure that you are producing measurable, predictable, and valuable outcomes directly to your business from day 1. We are ready to speak with you and find the best solutions to make a valuable and measurable contribution to your business.

Data Vault 2.0 Consulting

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