Our Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Training Partners and Instructors

Authorized Data Vault 2.0 training instructors must have a minimum of 15 years in BI and Analytics, and at least 10 years of experience with hands–on tooling, technology, and team management. Because we believe in Data Vaults Done Right, Everywhere, Every Time (TM), our instructors must then complete a highly rigorous ATP certification program where they will become experts in all Data Vault best practices. As a result, and as the only trusted Data Vault 2.0 authority, only the highest quality of expert instructors are authorized to conduct Data Vault 2.0 Training.

Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Training Partners

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Europe -


Scalefree Offers Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Training and Certification in Europe.

We are consultants and advisory experts who help your company discover challenges, determine the right path to overcome those challenges, and deliver a comprehensive bi solution for your individual business goals. From day one, our highlytrained data vault 2.0 training consultants work with your staff to determine where you would like to take your business in the future, what data you have currently, how your data can help you achieve your goals, and the strategy to make that happen.

North America, Finland, and United Kingdom -


DataRebels Offers Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Training and Certification in North America, Finland, and United Kingdom.

DataRebels was founded in 2017 with a mission to help clients develop the internal knowledge needed to improve business efficiency and achieve total collaboration at the enterprise level. We help clients navigate big data environments, establishing firm foundations for secure solutions that can be trusted for years to come. As an Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Consulting and Training Partner, we are uniquely positioned to instruct and lead your team in understanding proven data warehousing strategy; enabling the team to answer the most important question  “Why?”  posed at each step of your big data implementation.

Australia, NZ and APAC Regions -

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Ignition Offers Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Training and Certification in Australia, New Zealand, and APAC regions.

From smartphone to mainframe, and everything in between, our Data Vault-enabled solutions are enterprise grade, robust, and secure. We take the best components from Data Vault 2.0 and deliver best fit solutions that align to our clients’ business objectives. Whether it’s enhancing the customer experience for users of a bank’s web site, integrating processes across the supply chain, or improving the performance of a utility’s infrastructure and IT assets, we underpin our technology experience with deep domain expertise in most industries.

World Wide -

Data Vault Alliance Authors Data Vault 2.0 Training and Certification that is delivered by our world-wide network of Authorized Training Partners.

Our purpose is to ensure the ongoing integrity and continued evolution of the DV 2.0 system and to drive its adoption.  We achieve this through a community of practice, dedicated to the use and advancement of the DV 2.0 standards and focused on quality customer outcomes.  We offer an exclusive community of certified partners committed to delivering exceptional customer outcomes through the use of DV2.0.  We also offer elite consulting engagements to ensure your teams achieve maximum success.

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