Data Vault 2.0 Methodology

A brief look at the Methodology

Welcome to a brief introduction to the Data Vault 2.0 Methodology!  Here we will share some of the basic tenants behind the methodology, and what makes it so successful (when implemented properly of course).

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Why Methodology?

Methodologies are important, especially when building something that requires precise engineering to scale and meet the needs of the enterprise.

Understanding how your organization can mature in it’s ways-of-working (WoW) is vital to your future agility success.   The Data Vault 2.0 methodology is backed by Lean-Six Sigma, TQM, and CMMI best practices, which provide a foundational level for measuring, monitoring and optimization of your WoW along the way.

DV2 = Methodology

A methodology is an approach to “doing something” with a defined set of rules, methods, tests activities, deliverables, and processes which typically serves to solve a specific problem. 

Methodologies demonstrate a well thought out, defined, repeatable approach. Using well-worn methodologies provides a lot of support to the validity of the way you do something and the results you get which is important to your clients. Scott Ellis

DV2 Methodology Benefits

We apply Disciplined Agile Delivery as part of the ways-of-working (WOW).  Our methodology incorporates the best practices from the other 3 disciplines with regard to implementation, and quality of work.   The DV2 Methodology leverages lessons learned rather than re-inventing the wheel, in order to achieve the outcomes listed on the diagram.

Want to explore a little more?

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