2150 Datavault Builder AG

Datavault Builder is a business model-driven end-to-end data warehouse automation platform that covers all aspects and phases of a data warehouse, including design & development, lifecycle management, and operations. Datavault Builder helps organizations around the globe improve their data infrastructure to make the right decisions, minimize risks, and reduce time and therefore costs. Datavault Builder is designed for:

Agility – Datavault Builder unique architecture minimizes time for feedback cycles, enabling organizations to develop in agile sprints – reducing time to market and maximizing time to business value.

Collaboration – Datavault Builder’s visual elements facilitate the collaboration between business users and IT and brings in the business perspective in your Data Warehouse – and ensures the acceptance of and trust in your data infrastructure from the business users.

Scalability – a standardized development process and full audibility, combined with git flow-based Continuous Implementation and Continuous Deployment allows to allocate resources and build a strong data pipeline.

Protect your investment: Datavault Builder’s automated and standardized technical implementation patterns are maintained and optimized as part of the service. So you don’t build technical debt into your Data warehouse solution.

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