WWDVC Call For Speakers

WWDVC Call for Speakers

Data Vault Alliance is proud to announce our WWDVC call for speakers for the upcoming World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2023, to be held fully in-person, in beautiful Stowe, Vermont, USA.

Why Present at the WWDVC?

The WWDVC has a long-standing reputation for being THE place for all things Data Vault; speaking at this conference provides the unique opportunity to present directly to the niche Data Vault community.

The WWDVC 2023 will be fully in-person and as always, the conference offers a single track –when you sign up, you can guarantee that your session won’t be competing against anyone else’s.

For University students or student teams, presenting at the WWDVC allows you a valuable networking opportunity, as well as the chance to learn more about the future of Data Vault as the way forward in Data Warehousing.

Presentation Topics

Those interested in speaking at the WWDVC 2023 should plan to present on a topic that aligns with the conference themes. For University students, your presentation can center on a Data Vault you built as a project. This year’s themes are:

•Semantic Layers –A Critical Component of the DV2 Solution

•Innovations on Data Vault 2.0 (Business Track)

•Business Analytics and Getting Data OUT of Your Data Vault Solution

WWDVC Call For Speakers - Speaker Submission

The submission page for presentation abstracts is now open. Will you answer the WWDVC call for speakers this year? Prospective speakers must submit a short abstract along with general information about their topic in their application.

However, abstracts may be edited at any time as speakers prepare for the WWDVC.

Data Vault Alliance prides itself on the quality of material presented at the WWDVC, and we only select the best! Please prepare for your submission by reviewing our helpful speaker information page first. 

We’re looking forward to another great time of teaching, learning, and networking at the WWDVC 2023 and are excited to review your submissions!

Any additional questions not answered on the speaker information page can be sent to Contact@DataVaultAlliance.com. We are excited for you to answer the WWDVC call for speakers.

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