what is agile - Data Vault 2.0 Podcast - Building a New Data Vault Team Part 2

Episode 6: How Data Vault Ties Business Perspectives to Data for Success

After a fast recap of the discussions we’ve had starting with Episode 1 thru 5, we circle back to the story of Data Vault from a business value and risk mitigation strategy. Dan brings to bear the importance authorized CDVP2 training; standards developed through testing rigor versus best practices; why standards aren’t defined by consensus; and how DV creates a solid foundation for the business’ analytics. We dig deeper into how Data Vault as a holistic analytic solution addresses true continuous improvement across the entire enterprise. Dan talks about how Lockheed’s IT organization had to operate as a business in and of itself – and how running IT like its own business impacted the types of data and metrics Data Vault had to capture. Dan discusses how executive management can support their internal analytic efforts and where responsibilities lie between IT and the business in achieving accelerated business value and success.

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