Happy Holidays 2019! A year to remember

To all, I wish a happy Holidays for 2019!  This post will summarize in a nutshell just what we have been up to in 2019.  Even better year in 2020 to come!

Huge Thanks…

First, a huge round of thanks to our sponsors for both WWDVC USA and WWDVC EU events, they were a huge success.  A huge round of thanks to WhereScape – our premier platinum sponsor for 2019!

Are you new to ?

Interested in learning more directly from me?  Want a half -hour or 45 minutes of my time over a web-conference?  Contact me, I will setup a web meeting with you free of charge to discuss your concerns, questions, and your level of interest!

2019 – Year In Review

This year we saw the following come true:

  • Innaugural WWDVC EU event with over 120 people!
  • 7th Annual WWDVC USA event with over 101 people!
  • Trained over 800 new Certified Students world wide!
  • Launched .com community (with over 694 ACTIVE members today and growing!)
  • Personally Conducted 4 successful Kick Start Programs
  • Announced Data Vault 2.0.2 Modeling (available inside the community)
  • Saw the rise of Snowflake DB (taking the Data Vault world by storm)

And more … lots more!  I want to thank each of my authorized trainers for doing an incredible job all over the world:

  • Michael Olschimke and Volker Nuremburg for training across the EU
  • Cindi Meyersohn for training in Finland, and in Washington DC for Government customers
  • Bruce McCartney for training all over North America
  • Nols Ebersohn and Vincent McBurney for training across New Zealand and Australia.

About our Community:

We have a stellar community with over 11 business discussions, and 72 replies, 96 active technical discussions, and 627 replies, we just opened up SCRIPTS and TEMPLATES.  I want to thank Kevin Marshbank for contributing the first script set for WhereScape.  Have a BUSINESS question? Join up, and ask!  Talk with us, and I’m sure you’ll get a good qualified response.  All of our instructors participate in the community, so the answers are well-rounded and full of sound advice.

What’s coming in 2020?

If I told you all that’s coming, I wouldn’t have any secrets to announce at WWDVC 2020 now would I?  What I can say is: attend the conference if you can, it’s a world of fun, and gives you opportunities for great connections and incredible networking.  Oh yes, lots of learning too.  This year’s themes include AI, ML, DL, and what you can do with Data Vault to leverage them in the Data Science world.  I know – I know, we are still building the agenda, but get your early bird tickets NOW before the discount leaves the store. I promise, it will be great.

In 2020 we are bringing: (these are the things I CAN tell you about)

  • provide a slight modification to the DV Modeling standards (go from v2.0.2 to v2.0.3) – coming shortly
  • increase on-line training on (specifically around PITS, Bridges, views for marts, performance and tuning etc…)
  • Optional self-elected mini “CDVP2 refresher course”, learn about what’s new every year, how the training evolves, get caught up on the latest teachings.  This may be for a small fee, but open to anyone with CDVP2 certification (no matter how old it is).
  • NEW CDVP2 resources (both in the class, as well as on-line for students) – more hands-on examples on DVA that students can work through, more workshops during class room time, and a few new lecture components (Watch for the agenda changes coming soon).
  • Quizzes for self-assessment of skills on-line, on DVA inside the community

We are also hard at work at connecting to automation vendors in the cloud!  We will be connecting your DVA profile to an evaluation license of  software in the cloud that you can leverage and play with.  This will make it easier for you to “check out” what each vendor offers.

Anyhow I hope you’ve enjoyed this update.  More to come, Have a safe and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and more.

Best Wishes,  The DVA team