Our focus

We are focused on Certification and Training.  Enabling your teams to build Data Vault properly.  We create certification programs that are the best in the world.  Leave long lead times behind, work with agile sprints, be confident that your teams can build the right solution for the right business unit at the right time.

Our Services


Our training and trainers are world-class. We offer training all over the world on subjects from Data Vault to Big Data to Data Lakes.


Our focus is guidance and mentoring. We like to teach you how to fish, not fish for you. Our mentoring programs give you the guidance you need to succeed.


Our assessments for Big Data, Data Science, Data Vault and more will help you spot and fix holes in your approaches before they become big problems. Let us help you on your path to success.


Our line up of certifications assist you in enriching your career. From Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner, to Business Analyst, and Disciplined Agile Master, we are proud to help your teams succeed.


Want to find a conference? Live Training? Attend a meet-up? This is the place to do it! We list events and meetups all over the world. Connect with other Data Vault Enthusiasts!

Who We Are

A foundational group of Data Vault 2.0 experts and authorized partners, leading the way to new knowledge in Data Vault and BI efforts around the world.

Our Mission

To provide the best knowledge about Data Vault 2.0 to the world’s leading BI practitioners and vendors through a community platform.

What We Do

Bring together world-wide experts and vendors to enhance the knowledge and best practices of Data Vault in the Business Intelligence  and Analytics spaces.

Our History

Our history goes back to 1990, when our Founder (and Data Vault Inventor) Dan Linstedt began the journey of finding a better BI solution.  Since then, numerous web-sites have sprung up about Data Vault.  We aim to collaborate and bring together all of these sites under one roof – so that you have a one-stop-shop for all your Data Vault needs (large or small).  Throughout the years we have trained thousands of people and worked with hundreds of corporations in their journey to Data Vault and BI success.  Register for the community today, and join hundreds of other experts in your field.

Our 6-D Standards Process



Discover, discuss, and introduce new ideas to the BI and analytics world that revolve around use and application of the Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence.



Define test cases, strategies and methodologies, and architectures.  Discuss the pros and cons of each, have the community weigh in, and define new standards for the industry as we go.



Design solid solutions, ones that follow proven test case results.  Design solutions with zero re-engineering in mind that help future proof the BI and analytics platforms.



Develop the standards, new teaching materials, and new test cases.  Develop successes on-site working with clients like you, making sure everything we defined and designed meets your needs.



Deploy knowledge through webinars, training, consulting efforts, and vendor partners.  When we deploy the latest efforts and standards you are assured success by following the rules.



Deliver on success promises to the customers.  Leveraging our wide network of experts, we can enable your teams to deliver with all of our proven techniques.

Why Engage Us Directly?

Our methodology has 10+ years of R&D, 30k test cases, 15+ years of implementation best practices, and thousands of person-hours of implementation around the world.

We offer the world’s largest community support network.  Thousands of practitioners on-line to assist with your Data Vault questions – from Implementation to Methodology to Vendor Software.  Come and get your questions answered!

Our projects (services) are time-boxed deliveries with guaranteed results.  We offer one-week and two-week implementation cycles that show you how your needs can be effectively met.

Our team of Authorized Instructors bring a tremendous set of knowledge and background to your projects.  They can help you on-site as mentors and coaches in solving your most difficult Business Intelligence challenges.

Our ROI techniques quantitatively demonstrate the value that our engagements bring.  In the scope of work we write in success metrics.  The Data Vault Methodology helps us demonstrate value on-site in a short period of time utilizing controlled sprints.

Our team of Authorized Instructors, along with our authorized partner consultancies, bring a vast depth of knowledge and expertise to your projects.  From Big Data to Streaming to Machine learning – they possess the knowledge to drive your teams to success.

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