Does a Pattern-Based DW Architecture Still Hold Value Today? (Part 4 of 4)

By Cynthia Meyersohn To close out this series of articles that have been focused on the data replication introduced by the processes outlined in “Build a Schema-On-Read Analytics Pipeline Using Amazon Athena”, by Ujjwal Ratan, Sep. 29, 2017, on the AWS Big Data Blog,  (Ratan, 2017), I will talk about an approach that I

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Qualified Advice for next-to-nothing cost!

Our community is up and running, going strong.  We already have tons of postings, comments, and questions along with feedback from our Authorized Instructors.  If you were to pay for consulting time to get these questions answered you would spend close to $1k or more!! But in the community?  it’s only $75 USD per year!!

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