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Talisman Energy Canada

Challenge: Automated Build Out Results: 2 people in 2 weeks merged 3 systems, built a full EDW 5 star schemas 3 BI reports zero production errors Generated: 90% of the ETL code 100% of the Staging Data Model 75% of the finished EDW data Model 75% of the star schema data model The competing bid?

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JP Morgan Chase

Challenge:Rapid Merger and Acuqisition Results: Merged 3 companies in 90 days  (Circa 2001) ALL systems, ALL DATA! 125 people, multiple cultures Business Value produced during Due Diligence phase. JP Morgan Chase used the Data Vault model, methodology and architecture to perform due diligence, and ultimately to merge 3 companies in 90 days.  I met with

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Pepper Money Australia

Challenge: Minimized Re-Engineering and Full Auditability Results: “Data Vault 2.0 delivers full auditability by protecting the integrity and origin of the data.” “For us, the Data Vault 2.0 has provided significant benefits. We were able to change our data warehouse whilst minimizing the re-engineering costs.  Now we have a system that is more closely aligned

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CBS and Dutch Tax Authority

Challenge: Government Agencies Sharing Data Results: CBS (central bureau of statistics) and Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authority) Share Data Between the Agencies By Leveraging Data Vault 2.0 Data Models And leveraging DV2.0 Processes

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