Closing Operational Gaps


Cendant Timeshare Resource Group implemented Operational Data Vault, eliminating all other sources and rewriting their application. Increased their profitability by 2.5x in 24 months. (Circa 2003)

Managed 100,000 properties world wide.

Cendant had 5 disparate operational systems, and 2 disparate legacy data warehouses.  They wanted to consolidate all of them, and provide a singular view of their entire operations.

Cendant decided to replace all of their operational systems (which were purchased from external vendors), with an in-house custom written application.  They hired 60 java coders for 1 year, and put the Data Vault model as the heart of the data store.  They built: an Operational Data Vault Warehouse.

They cut out / removed all ETL and ELT, no more nightly batch feeds.  They found and fixed all discrepancies that existed in their business processes that were located in the operational systems.  By leveraging an Operational Data Vault under the new operational application they not only saved millions of dollars in maintenance fees, they also were able to produce real-time BI reports without actually moving the data around.

Operational Data Vaults can be very powerful if done right.  In this case the results were so astounding that they sold their company 24 months after rebuilding their platform.

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