what is agile - Data Vault 2.0 Podcast - Building a New Data Vault Team Part 2

Episode 10: Unleashing Business Value from Data Vault

Looking for best practices in getting data  and unleashing business value out of your Data Vault 2.0 solution and into the business’ hands effectively, efficiently, and accurately? 

Join Dan Linstedt and Sanjay Pande as they discuss the common errors most teams make when building a Data Vault solution that results in delayed deliveries to the business.

What should the scope of a work product look like for delivering consistent, agile releases to the business?

How do these scoping mechanisms aid in accelerated delivery through automation tooling and testing?

Let’s look at how the development team can use end-user BI tools to create prototypes of the desired outcome to the consumers, and the importance of focusing on functionality before focusing on optimization.

Become informed about the critical need for proper training in the automation tooling, its application in a Data Vault implementation, and how true delivery acceleration starts with Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner training. Start unleashing business value out of our data warehouse today.

Dive Into Episode 10: Unleashing Business Value from Data Vault or start Unlocking the Vault with Dan Linstedt from the beginning!

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