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Episode 11: Data Vault and Data Science Synergies

Data scientists are both consumers of data (raw and curated) and producers of refined data and information outcomes (decision support, discovery, and exploration outcomes).

If not utilized properly, data scientists are the most expensive data engineering resource you will ever hire!

Learn how the Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence naturally aligns and employs the skills of your data scientists to create positive data science synergies and IT engineering team efficiently and cost-effectively so that you can mature your analytics capabilities from predictive to prescriptive.

How does Data Vault enable and use Data Science?

What are the business benefits that Data Vault brings to the Data Science process?

Dan and Sanjay share real-life stories of companies that implemented a proper Data Vault 2.0 Solution (i.e., Data Vaults Done Right, Everywhere, Every Time); positioning and maturing their businesses to take advantage of their data science outcomes at a prescriptive level. 

Dive Into Episode 11: Data Vault and Data Science Synergies or start Unlocking the Vault with Dan Linstedt from the beginning!

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