Build Centralized or Decentralized - Which is Better for Business

Episode 18: Build Centralized or Decentralized – Which is Better for Business? Part 2

First, let’s clarify that we understand you need to build what you need to build. Whether you build centralized or decentralized doesn’t really matter, except when it comes to meeting your business’ desires and regulations. Your business objectives come first.

Join Dan Linstedt as he “Unlocks the Vault” by diving into the fundamentals and foundations of Data Vault 2.0

Centralized or Decentralized – Which is Better?

What is the juxtaposition of Centralization to Decentralization within the context of the Data Vault 2.0 solution? Is the question “centralized or decentralized – which is better?” a fair one?
In this second part of our three-part series, Dan looks at the importance of defining centralization and decentralization focusing on the context of methodology, architecture, and modeling.

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