Understanding Data Vault 2.0

This 44 minute video walks you through why Data Vault 2.0 is important.  We discuss comparisons between 3nf and star schema modeling for enterprise data warehousing, along with issues that existing BI and EDW solutions utilize (but result in failure).  We introduce how Data Vault 2.0 solves these problems, how it applies to your business, changes your ways of working, and brings agility, flexibility and scalability to what you are doing with your Data Lakes and Data Hubs.

We realize the video is long, but we think that if you’ll take the time to watch it all the way through, you’ll gain a full understanding of the value that Data Vault 2.0 brings to your company.  Near the end we share quite a few case studies that talk about the agility, the metrics of success, as well as number of resources needed to maintain a Data Vault 2.0 solution when compared to traditional solutions.

We have to thank WhereScape, and Mary Mink from Chestnut Hill Technologies for their assistance in the case studies and success stories.

The video covers the following topics:

  • Why DV Modeling over 3NF or Star Schema
  • Issues with Star Schema and Kimball Bus as an Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Hybrid Data Architecture that includes NoSQL/NewSQL Data Lakes and Landing Zones
  • Definition of Data Vault 2.0
  • What a Data Vault model really looks like
  • How Data Vault models are Incrementally built
  • Why Data Vault Methodology leads to agility
  • Case studies of GDPR, Big Data sets (2.2 billion records per hour, real-time), Agility and productivity, Reduction of maintenance costs
  • And finishes up with: common pushback and issues business face when looking to go the Data Vault route.

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