DVA Brand


Passionate about teaching the Data Vault Methodology to the world so that…

Intelligent about our approach to sharing our passion for the Data Vault communinity.

Authentic in our delivery of training, consulting, tools, and resources that we provide to our clients, vendors, and partners. 

Our partners are welcome to use our Trademarks, Servicemarks, and Registered Marks with pre-approval while following the guidelines provided in our DVA Style Guide.

Foundations are the visual elements needed to create engaging layouts and end-to-end user experiences. 


Color distinguishes our brand and helps us create consistent experiences across products.


Icons are visual representations of commands, devices, directories, or common actions.


Typography is our system of fonts. Each font conveys the appropriate sentiment to assist our users through each stage of their journey.

 The style, display, and use of the DVA’s brand — our TradeMarks, ServiceMarks, and Registered Marks — are in keeping with the required DVA License Agreement that must be in place in order to incorporate our brand elements in pre-approved uses.


Accessible design lets people of all abilities interact with, understand, and navigate our products.


Illustrations help convey complex ideas in a simple way. They should be meaningful and reflect a user's context and emotional state.


Our brand and product logos are clear, impactful and recognizable. All carry a simple four-color palette with design variations.

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