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VaultSpeed provides the fastest data warehouse automation. Built on the Data Vault 2.0 standard and a decade of hands-on experience in data integration projects, VaultSpeed connects with the best-of-breed CDC, ETL, source, and target technologies. Leading companies rely on VaultSpeed to simplify the creation and maintenance of their cloud data warehouse.

VaultSpeed for Data Vault 2.0

VaultSpeed values the Data Vault Standard for all the benefits it brings like resilience to change and repeatable patterns. Data Vault provides the foundation for automation. Being able to work with a well-defined standard that is documented, used across the world, updated, and safeguarded over time is key. In fact, this enables everyone to speak the same language. This emphasizes the importance of the Data Vault Alliance, led by founding father Dan Linstedt, as the organization that sets the Data Vault standard. For these reasons we also want to have VaultSpeed Data Vault 2.0 certified by the DVA in order to prove that VaultSpeed provides the means to work by that very same standard.

Prior CertificationVaultSpeed documentation

VaultSpeed was issued an interim certification for their tool in March 2021 while Dan Linstedt and DataVaultAlliance Holdings was formalizing the official Vendor Tool Certification Program. VaultSpeed enrolled in DVA’s official VTC Program as an Early Adopter in August 2021, prior to the expiration of their interim certification on 31 December 2022, and is actively participating in the formalized VTC Program.


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