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This is a 12 month, 1 year membership – NON-RECURRING CHARGE.  At the end of 365 days, your account will automatically be cancelled UNLESS you use the “RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP” menu link before your account expires.  You will be sent emails, 30 days, 10 days, and 5 days before expiration to notify you.

  • NO CREDIT CARDS are stored on DataVaultAlliance.com
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  • You will be billed by: Empowered Holdings, LLC (Parent company)
  • You can download an invoice from ThriveCart.com (your portal for billing)
  • You can manage you purchase at ThriveCart.com
  • You will receive two (2) Welcome E-Mails, the first is a welcome message, the second with login information
  • You will receive one or more e-mails from Empowered Holdings, LLC AT ThriveCart.com (for your purchase and invoice management)

Registrations are temporarily on-hold. We are upgrading our customer expirience. Please check back with us in 2 days.