Gift Memberships

$79 USD per member per year

This is a gift card for community membership!

Give the Gift of 1 year of membership to your friends, or customers.  Reward them or thank them for their business.  You can purchase multiple memberships for a team or a customer of yours.

Read about Purchasing a Gift Membership.  No physical gift card is sent, a coupon code is sent to the recipients email address.

Gift Membership Uses:

  • Purchase as a Gift for a friend (leave quantity at 1 below)
  • Give the gift of a Team/Corporate Membership to your customer  (increase quantity to purchase for a group)
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You can now give the gift of memberships to others by purchasing a Gift Card in our store.   You can buy gift memberships for:  A group / customer / team, or an Individual (friend of yours…)   It’s easy!   The Gift Card is priced based on the number of memberships /quantity you select.

During Checkout, you are given the opportunity to: enter an email address to send it to, and enter a message as well.   Once the purchase has completed, the email to that individual will be sent along with a COUPON CODE for the amount of the gift card you purchased.   The recipient can then use that gift card for MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION (individual or team) here on the platform!   The Gift Card is not applicable to CDVP2 courses.

Example Use Cases of Gift Cards:
  • Your a vendor, and you want  to gift 1 year free access to your customers
  • Your a consultancy, and you want to gift 1 year free access to your customers
  • Your an independent, and you want to gift 1 year free access to a friend
  • Just want to do something nice for someone else – it’s a great way to show you care
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