Becoming Authorized

We value your journey!

We look forward to working with your company on it’s journey to become an Authorized Partner of Data Vault Alliance.  The process may take several weeks, and not everyone is selected.  You must be dedicated to your commitment to Data Vault 2.0 in order to qualify. We only accept the absolute best companies to participate with us in this exquisite community.

Requirements for Authorized Partners

To qualify for authorization requires that you certify your employees in Data Vault 2.0.  The requirements vary depending on your company size, and objectives.

You must invest heavily in R&D on a yearly basis.  New functionality and features are expected every 6 months in line with supporting some aspect of Data Vault 2.0 – from Modeling, to Architecture, to Methodology, to Implementation best practices.

Your executive staff must have a quarterly meeting / phone call exchange with the Data Vault Alliance in order to share: market outlook, innovation and investment strategies further development of Data Vault within your organization.

Your organization must have dedicated web pages discussing Data Vault 2.0, your companies’ support and innovation towards meeting the standards.

In addition to investing in R&D, your company also agrees to devote a portion of your revenue to marketing activities – in support of: Data Vault Alliance, Dan Linstedt, CDVP2 Training, and WWDVC (conference events).

Your company agrees to spend time with a DVA resource walking through your customers, their concerns (if any), your investment in training / certification, your methodology and approach to implementation, your build processes, and for software vendors: your R&D efforts, features measured against the standards.

Becoming an Authorized Training Partner

First you need to have a qualified trainer with at least 15 years experience in the data warehousing arena.  The trainers’ background is vetted for big data, real-time, distributed systems, MPP, performance and tuning, and additional criteria.  Second, your company needs to serve a geographical market that currently has no authorized trainers.  Third, the trainer must have experience (at least 5 years) of build experience in Data Vault solutions, and have customer references to back them up.

There are a number of other qualifications that we are happy to discuss with you should you wish to become an authorized training partner.

Becoming an Authorized Consultancy

We love to partner with Consultancies who wish to do the right thing.  We have two kinds of consultancies that work with us: Authorized Consultancies – are those that actually are Authorized Training Partners first, and in addition, offer sanctioned Data Vault consulting efforts second.  The second type of Authorized Consultancies are those that work with Scalefree Europe, in our qualified network of consultant partners known as the Scalefree Quality Network (SQN).  You will need to contact Scalefree directly in order to understand the parameters of the Scalefree Quality Network.

Software Authorization is Serious

We both want the best for the customers.  To become an authorized partner of the Data Vault Alliance means your company is willing to commit to the Data Vault 2.0 vision in accordance with the standards that Dan Linstedt puts forward.

The authorization says to customers that your tool works, out of the box, and follows the rigorous standards that we adhere to in the Data Vault 2.0 landscape.  The authorization for you gives your customers peace-of-mind, so they don’t have to ask the basic questions about “what might be missing, and what needs to be tweaked to adhere to the standards.”

We vet your tool every year, once a year with your in-house experts and engineering staff.  We want to go through everything the tool has to offer in order to ensure it is truly up-to-par with what we teach in the CDVP2 classes.

Silver Package

Entry Level Authorization Partnership
Yearly Fees - Contact Us
  • Single Marketing Quote
  • Tool Review & Feedback
  • DVA Website Lists Tool as Authorized
  • Free DVA Membership for 10 Vendor Employees

Gold Package

Mid Level Authorization Partnership
Yearly Fees - Contact Us
  • All Silver Items
  • 1 Webinar Per Year
  • DVA Markets Tool Vendor LinkedIn, Twitter, Newsletters
  • Featured Listing on DVA Website
  • Free Admission for up to 2 students in CDVP2 course per year
  • Free DVA Membership up to 20 vendor employees

Platinum Package

Expert Authorization Partnership
Yearly Fees - Contact Us
  • All Gold Items
  • Up to 2 Content Write-ups per year
  • 2 Joint Webinars per year
  • Linstedt will appear at Industry Conference on behalf of vendor
  • DVA provides up to 3 days internal consulting to vendor engineering
  • DVA provides free admission for up to 5 students to CDVP2 Course per year
  • Free DVA Membership for all vendor employees
Best Value
If you want to become a featured business partner, we would be delighted to have a chat with you. Featured business partners are also sponsors of the DVA community, and have their own set of requirements to meet. Our featured business partners must support, openly endorse, and market Data Vault efforts. Featured business partners must also remain active on our community at all times, demonstrating their abilities to the wider audience.