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We partner with Scott Ambler and Mark Lines to bring you the very best of Disciplined Agile Delivery.  By partnering, we are allowed to leverage best practices within our Data Vault Methodology.  We keep the methodology lean, and easy to use.  Scott Ambler and Mark Lines believe in the Data Vault principles and back what we do.

About Disciplined Agile

The Disciplined Agile (DA) process decision toolkit provides light-weight guidance to help organizations streamline their processes in a context-sensitive manner, providing a solid foundation for business agility. It does this by showing how the various activities such as Solution Delivery, IT Operations, Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Finance, Procurement and many others work together. DA also describes what these activities should address, provides a range of options for doing so, and describes the trade-offs associated with each option.

I work with IT organizations, particularly medium to large-sized ones, to help them to transform themselves to become more effective. This often means that I help them to understand and adopted disciplined agile and lean ways of working. I am based in Toronto Canada but will often travel internationally to work face-to-face with customer organizations.

I regularly speak at IT conferences, often as a keynote speaker and sometimes as a workshop facilitator. I often keynote about Lean/Agile Enterprises, Scaling Agile Software Development, and Disciplined Agile (DA). Workshops tend to focus on DA, DevOps, enterprise architecture, agile data, and agile architecture skills.

I am the founder and practice leader of the Agile Modeling (AM) (AgileModeling.com) method, Agile Data (AD) (AgileData.org) method, and the Disciplined Agile (DA) (DisciplinedAgileDelivery.com) framework.

I am the (co-)author of several books, including Choose Your WoW!, An Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile, Disciplined Agile Delivery, Refactoring Databases, Agile Modeling, and The Elements of UML 2.0 Style. A full list of my books is presented at www.ambysoft.com/books/.

I am a founding member of the Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC) at http://DisciplinedAgileConsortium.org. Are you a certified disciplined agilist yet?

Hi! I am an Enterprise Agile Coach for Disciplined Agile, Inc. With over 20 years of agile and lean experience, I have facilitated global transformations for large and small organizations focusing on enterprise-wide agility including areas outside IT such as product management, governance, finance and HR.
I am co-creator of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) and co-author with Scott W Ambler of several books, our most recent being “Choose Your WoW! A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working” – released January 2019.
I am a frequent speaker at agile conferences around the world and blog about Disciplined Agile at DisciplinedAgileDelivery.com. I am also President and a Founding Member of the Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC), the certification body for Disciplined Agile. In my spare time I enjoy golfing and skiing in Canada’s Rockies.