Authorized Consultancies

We take pride in our Authorized Consultancies!

Authorized Consultancy Partners are constantly vetted for quality work.  When they bring you certified Data Vault resources, you can be assured that the work they perform is up to our rigorous standards.  ACP’s lead the way in the world today providing world-class Data Vault 2.0 and Big Data Consulting.


Authorized Consultancy Status

We offer “Authorized Consultancy” status to our authorized training partners, as they provide consulting services coupled with sanctioned and approved Data Vault 2.0 training courses.  

For consultancies around the world that wish to officially partner with us, we have a specialized program with Scalefree called: Scalefree Quality Network (SQN).  This program is available to all consulting companies world wide that wish to engage with Data Vault 2.0 in their marketing channels, with customer sites, and executive management.

Our Authorized Consulting Partners

Australia-New Zealand

Certus Solutions

Certus Solutions are the leading Australia & New Zealand systems integrator, servicing many of the region’s largest enterprise customers. We transform IT systems into business outcomes that effect sustainable change, create stakeholder value, augment human capability, and delight those that use them. We are change agents: Certus consultants draw upon …

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United States National Capital Region

DataRebels, LLC

At DataRebels, we believe that the stronger and more knowledgeable we are as practitioners and in our craft, the stronger and more expansive our influence becomes; that the more advanced our techniques, designs, and implementations become, the greater the business value is that we deliver to our customers — trustworthy, auditable, quality answers and solutions.   We are convinced that these are shared goals among technical professionals.

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North America

Performance G2

PerformanceG2, Inc. is the Business Intelligence Consultancy for companies looking to modernize their enterprise data warehouse (EDW). We help companies rapidly build their EDW using Agile, Data Warehouse Automation, Cloud Platforms, and the Data Vault 2.0 system of Business Intelligence. PerformanceG2, Inc. provides Data Vault 2.0 training and full lifecycle …

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We are consultants and advisory experts who help your company discover challenges, determine the right path for your company to overcome those challenges, and deliver a comprehensive solution for your individual business goals. From day one, our highly-trained consultants work with your staff to determine where you would like to …

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Scalefree Quality Network

The SQN was created to provide members with full access to a complete network of Data Vault 2.0 tools, services, and the necessary training needed to leverage one of BI’s most powerful tools within their own organization as well as client’s organizations.

This perfect blend of expertise, applicable knowledge within the field, and a wide depth of available resources build on SQN’s mission of giving members everything they need to utilize Data Vault 2.0 effectively while promoting its use across a variety of industries.

Why you should become a member of the SQN:

  • You get exclusive access to Scalefree’s Competence Center
  • Your teams receive On-Demand Project Support
  • Your people have access to in-depth expertise regarding Data Vault 2.0
  • You can build successful partnerships within the network

SQN - Core Principles

The core principle in which the SQN is built upon is simply sharing the benefits associated with a vast network of partners, each allowing new opportunities to all members by opening new markets. To do this, SQN combines the opportunities for expansion within new markets and building partnership with access to a wide variety of expert resources, each vetted to ensure adherence to SQN quality standards.

The links within the network, the available resources, and a tailored Competence Center, created to provide project support for each member of the network, work cohesively to build the overall success of each member as well as the network itself.

Together the Scalefree Quality Network generates successful projects, case studies and meaningful success stories. Moreover, it is an opportunity to promote Data Vault in different markets and increase customer loyalty.