The Easiest Way to Reduce Risk

Reduce or mitigate potential risk by accessing a Community of Practice (CoP) that is dedicated to the use and advancement of the DV 2.0 standards that are focused on quality and customer success.  Our certified partners are key to ensuring the ongoing integrity and continued evolution of the DV 2.0 system; helping to drive its global adoption.

Our Trusted Partners

Driving technology and services for leading brands

Why Choose Authorized Partners?

Authorized Partners are selected through a long, rigorous process and are continuously vetted once accepted. We review their practices, software, methodology, best practices, and client successes on a quarterly basis to ensure they meet exacting Data Vault 2.0 Standards.  When you choose an authorized partner, you are assured that they will deliver the highest quality for your implementation.

Caution: Only the partners on this page have been authorized by our team (which includes the actual inventor) to correctly represent DV 2.0 and have proven over time that they will adhere to standards by delivering repeated successes in customer implementations. Achieving a partnership is an arduous process.

Rigor of Authorization

  • Certified Resources
  • Advancements in R&D
  • Standards Adherence
  • Quarterly Internal Reviews
  • Customer Follow Up (by DVA)
  • Vetted Marketing Messages
  • Management Backing
  • Signed Legal Committments (with DVA)
Engage with DVA!

Engaging or partnering with Data Vault Alliance ensures public trust of your solutions and your offerings.  We also provide access to the world-wide Data Vault community in a central location.

Please email to inquire informally or click the button below if you’re ready to move forward.