WWDVC 2023

WWDVC 2023 Exciting Themes

Calling all Data Vault enthusiasts! The Worldwide Data Vault Conference (WWDVC) in 2023 promises to be better than ever, this time with Premium content focusing on how business people think, what keeps them up at night, and how to engage with them about the power of Data Vaults.

Technical content, delivered and discussed throughout the week, will relentlessly address the question, “Why does it matter?” In this provocative spirit, we are planning for three primary themes throughout the week of WWDVC.

WWDVC  Themes

Semantic Layers – A Critical Component of the DV2 Solution

If you or your business users are expecting to derive true value from a data analytic solution of any kind that solution must be built from both the business perspective and the business understanding of how data flows through the various business processes. This is why we say “Data Vault is, has been, and always will be about the Business!”

A properly designed Data Vault 2.0 solution starts with an understanding of the business terms and their related business processes. This allows the practitioner to gain insight into the way data flows through the business in and through any number of enterprise source systems.

This is what DV2 calls an “integrated view” of the data. This is also how semantic layers operate and interact they align complex data with familiar business terms in the form of a map. The map links the semantic layer to the business terms to provide a consolidated and unified view of the complex organizational data into familiar business terms.

Innovations on Data Vault 2.0 (Business Track)

How do innovations in applied sciences, engineering frameworks, and analytics derive their success from a foundation in Data Vault 2.0?

The versatility of a properly designed Data Vault 2.0 solution lends itself to a myriad of innovations in applied sciences engineering frameworks and analytic solutions. In this WWDVC theme, we will explore a number of innovations and applications that are based upon or are perfectly supported by a Data Vault 2.0 approach.

Among the topics we will discuss are: how to build an operational or application source system on top of a DV2 and the business benefits of doing so why Data Vault Methodology fills in the gaps of a Data Mesh conceptual framework to become its perfect complement “How To’s” and Lessons Learned of implementing on various technical platforms and the symbiotic relationship that can be nurtured between AI / ML / NLP and your Data Vault solution.

Business Analytics and Getting Data OUT of Your Data Vault Solution

Technical and data engineering teams seem to be focused on getting data IN to the Enterprise Data Warehouse but what about getting data OUT of the warehouse? These sessions are focused on the tasks approaches and teaming practices designed to get information out of the warehouse and into the hands of the business consumers. We will discuss the importance of collaboration with the business the business analysts and the data scientists required to bring true value to the business and transform your data warehouse from a being cost center to a profit center.

Excited For Our WWDVC Themes?!

We are striving to have the best information and wisdom applied to these themes. We hope you will enjoy the conference and would love to see you at WWDVC! The themes are set. Semantic layer. Innovations from Data Vault. How to get data out of a Data Vault. Get ready for WWDVC!

WWDVC 2023 will be a week stuffed with vibrant presentations and lively conversation, so make sure you stay tuned for more information from us at Data Vault Alliance! We are pursuing excellence in our conference every year to create more memorable light-bulb moments that allow you to leave with valuable and actionable insights. We hope to make new friends with people just like you as well. Thank you for reading about our themes and for your interest in our conference. Have a great day. 

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