Organize Your Data Using Data Vault


FinWise Bank

Challenge: Single Person, Maximum Effectiveness

  • One person, < 3 months
  • merged 2 systems,
  • built a full EDW
  • Gap Analysis Provided to Business
  • Business Vault Generated via Automation Solution
  • Business Vault and Information Layer Tailored to Business Needs
  • 90% of the ETL code
  • 100% of the Load and Staging Model
What Did FinWise Achieve?

Scalability, no re-engineering, decreased development time, data auditability, agility, quality, disparate data source integration, and speed of delivery.

Customer Quote:

If you’re not using the DV2.0 to build out your EDW you’re seriously missing business value.

Christopher Ziebert
Data Architect, FinWise Bank

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