Team Size Scalability / Elasticity...

Scaling Team Sizes:  (Circa 2009)

  • Grew team to 60 people for two weeks
  • Shrunk team to 20 critical staff for business delivery (6 weeks)
  • Included Entry Level When Needed

They had a need to increase the team size by leveraging local college students.  These were interns to the IT staff and their job was to move the data from the source systems to the target landing zone.  Part of their job was also to profile the data, understand and document the metadata, and provide definitions to the data warehousing team.

Later, the management also decided that a few interns were needed on the BI delivery side, so they expaed the team when requirements swelled – in order to get custom reports out quickly.  Once the reports were developed they were able to release the college students, and return to a skeleton BI staff.

They essentially replaced 60+ outsourced full time consultants with college interns and automation toolin, saving cost, improving quality, and reducing errors ihe work products.  This had the side benefit of giving college interns actual work experience.

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