what is agile - Data Vault 2.0 Podcast - Building a New Data Vault Team Part 2

Episode 4:The Need for Sound Methodology


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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestiture of data.  Can the business position its analytics solution to rapidly respond to due diligence demands?  Can it deliver those analytics to the business in a governed manner?  No matter what your business is or where in the business lifecycle you are, you need a solution blueprint that supports governed self-service outcomes for your business consumers and allows you to quickly respond to perceived risks.  Take a peek into what managed self-service analytics is and how Data Vault reduces barriers to data and information use. Consider what due diligence might mean to your business’ success and the value proposition / power of delivering the right data at the right time to your business users.

Dive into Episode 4: The Need for Sound Methodology

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