We’ve improved our e-learning experience!  Students can now take private course notes on any of our classes or conference materials that they are enrolled in or have purchased.  For example: suppose you are a student in CDVP2, and you are listening to a lecture – and you want to capture notes real-time…  Now, you can.  Just click the hovering button TAKE NOTES on the right side of your screen and viola!  Notes!   Auto-save is turned on, so you won’t lose any work.  You can view your notes by clicking the My Course Notes menu item under My Account (for logged in users only).   These notes can only be seen by DVA Administrators and yourself.    Below are a few more of the benefits of this system:

  • Export the notes to CSV at any time
  • Print the notes to a Word Doc
  • Delete notes you are done with
  • Ask a question to an instructor (we have to route the request for you, so please do let us know)

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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