DVA Podcast Build Centralized or Decentralized Part 3

Episode 19: Build Centralized or Decentralized – Which is Better for Business? Part 3

First, let’s clarify that we understand you need to build what you need to build. Whether you build centralized or decentralized doesn’t really matter, except when it comes to meeting your business’ desires and regulations.

Your business objectives come first.

Join Dan Linstedt as he “Unlocks the Vault” by diving into the fundamentals and foundations of Data Vault 2.0

Build Centralized or Decentralized – Which is Better?

Centralized or Decentralized: Can We Answer This Question Once And For All? The question is as old as the data warehouse.

We are prone to centralize implementations of data platforms for purposes of governance and consistency. It is the pursuit of the holy grail for one version of the truth, proven, documented, and auditable.

Yet the contemporary data analyst wants autonomy, exercising decentralized decision-making rights and the ability to enrich data, while ensuring compliance to local (e.g., country specific) regulatory requirements. Can we centralize or decentralize?

Yes. Should we? Well, here it seems, the answer is, “it depends.” Join us in Part 3 as we unpack how hybrid environments prevail, balancing enduring and (often) conflicting demands.


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