Launching the Data Vault Alliance in Australasia #datavault

It’s been almost three decades now since I began my search for a better Business Intelligence solution and started developing the Data Vault methodology. In 2000, I released Data Vault as a public domain modelling method.  Since then, the methodology has continued to evolve and improve.

As more and more BI professionals around the world embrace the Data Vault methodology, there is an increasing amount of online and offline activity – spread out across many different website, communities, and regions.

A couple of years ago, I tried to bring this dispersed community together.  I wanted a place for practitioners around the world to connect, learn from and inspire each other.  This ultimately led to the launch of the Data Vault Alliance at the World Wide Data Vault Consortium in May last year.

DVA is Launching in Australia

I am very excited to be coming to Australia this March to launch the Data Vault Alliance in Australasia at a full-day conference in Sydney on March 16.

The Data Vault Alliance (DVA) is a community built for you – the practitioners and users. The purpose of the DVA is to ensure the ongoing integrity and continued evolution of the DV 2.0 system and to drive its adoption. We are focused on bringing together experts and authorized trainers to answer your questions, help you through tough spots and provide much-needed training.

The DVA is a place to share, to network, to connect.  It’s also a place to find resources and knowledge that assist you in your journey to build the best Data Vault solutions around the world. We provide online training, on-site training, assessments, and kick-starts that move you and your teams into a position of success.

The Alliance builds and maintains an exclusive community of certified partners, committed to delivering exceptional customer outcomes through the use of DV2.0. Similarly, on request, the Alliance certifies vendor technology and partner solutions that adhere to the DV 2.0 model, architecture and methodology. We focus on connecting you with vendors and consultancies that can help you get the work done correctly and efficiently.

It is great to see the DVA expanding globally with the launch in Australasia. Having been in touch with several Data Vault practitioners, trainers and vendors in the region, I realized how much interest there is in the methodology and how many opportunities for the alliance to help organizations get more out of their data.

DVA Conference in Sydney – March 16

I’m looking forward to meeting more local practitioners and vendors at the DVA Conference in Sydney this March to learn more about their specific use cases, challenges and opportunities and how we can continue to improve DV 2.0 together.

But I’m not just there to have fun and socialize. I will also be delivering the keynote and a Masterclass at the conference. I will be tackling the big issues of today’s complex analytics environments from Big Data to cloud-based data warehousing. I will also talk about how and why Data Vault can meet those needs and help you be successful in your efforts to construct an agile build analytics program.

Here is what you can expect to learn from my talk and Masterclass:


  • The Data Vault Philosophy – Why its relevant, longevity of standards + methodology and how it will support enterprise businesses into the future, benefits customers globally have achieved


  • Personally Identifiable Information – Regulations and Compliance
  • Security – How to Protect your Sensitive Data
  • Automation – Leveraging Automation within your Information Management Landscape
  • Cloud Data Warehousing – Story about customers who have adopted DV/Cloud how to leverage it safely and securely, along with the advances that you can apply to enhance your teams’ agility.
  • How the Data Vault Methodology provides a solid foundation for you to build a hybrid solution of both on-premise (for your most sensitive data) and in-cloud.
  • How to design one-day-sprints that make the most of your analytics teams’ ability to go from requirements to demonstration inside of 8 hours (within a development environment).
  • How the onslaught of IoT and sensor data diminishes the value of data rapidly, and how to utilized data as fast as possible to make the most out of it.

I’m looking forward to this opportunity to engage with Data Vault practitioners and experts Down Under. I hope you will be able to join me. Learn more about the DVA Conference in Sydney

You don’t need to wait until the conference to start connecting with other Australasian Data Vault users and experts. Join our  now to start engaging, learning and excelling.

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