Announcing the Certified Tool Vendor Program

We have opened up the Alpha program for participation.  We welcome any vendor that wishes to engage in getting their tool or parts of their tool certified with Data Vault 2.0 standards.  The following Tool Certifications will be built and made available:

  • Certified DV2 Modeling Tool (CDV2-MT)
  • Certified DV2 Code Generation Tool (CDV2-CGT)
  • Certified DV2 Code Orchestration Tool (CDV2-COT)
  • Certified DV2 Version Control Tool (CDV2-VCT)
  • Certified DV2 Test Management Tool (CDV2-TMT)

At this time, we are accepting interest from all vendors for any of these certifications.  However, the first certification we will be issuing is CDV2-MT.  We would love to hear from you.  At the moment, the form is not enrollment – the form is just a request for more information to begin discussions and express your interest.  If accepted, we will send you a contract to be negotiated and signed, complete with terms and conditions.

Note: Fees are lower for the alpha program, and will substantially increase when we reach beta phase during Q1 – 2022.

Not ready to participate, but want a tool review?  No problem!

Fill in the form – and indicate you would like to work with us on a  tool-review basis.  Note: the costs for tool review amount to daily-rate consulting fees.  This minimizes your risk, as well as your investment until your tool is ready for participation in the full program.

We offer Tool Reviews / Consulting / Work sessions at any time – use the form to submit a consulting request, and we can start discussions from there.

Getting to the Form:

  1. Click About (menu)
  2. Click Certified Tool Program (menu option)
  3. Click “Request more information” button – or scan the page and watch the video


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