advanced virtual data vault

Advanced Virtual Data Vault and WWDVC 2022

Data Vault 2.0 is stronger than ever, and Advanced Virtual Data Vault is around the corner!

With the success of the data cloud, specifically Snowflake, I have been talking to colleagues at DVA about how the DV2.0 standard can evolve to fully take advantage. At its core, DV2.0 is a methodology, never intended to be stuck in any sort of technology rut. As tech evolves, the DV2.0 standard evolves in kind.

Advanced Virtual Data Vault

Snowflake offers: separation of compute from storage, column compression highly parallel processes, dynamic scalability, and fast access to data are topics that our panelists of the Advanced Virtual Data Vault get excited about!

These items make it possible to approach a data vault project with a more progressive approach. I am calling it the Advanced Virtual Data Vault extension.  For those that are on Snowflake, this extension to the DV2.0 standard will enable a full and robust implementation. System performance and time-to-market can be optimized, while maintaining the data governance advantages of the data vault methodology.

We’re going to devote several sessions at WWDVC on this topic, including my personal remarks. Sign up here  to attend WWDVC in person, or virtually.

We Can’t Wait for this Advanced Virtual Data Vault Launch

I can’t wait to get into the discussion.

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