Accredible Certificates and Badges NEW!!

We have added (at NO COST to the students), a digital credentialing solution.   We’ve added for all students that are currently in our CRM.   Over the next 3 days, if you have an account in our CRM and you are CDVP2 certified, you will receive a CDVP2-Legacy Certificate on

What does this mean?

  • You can verify or have others including employers verify your CDVP2 status automatically
  • You can share your Certificate on your social media platforms (easily)
  • You no longer have to upload your Certificate to our DVA platform
  • You receive a BADGE!!  We have new Badges that make it easy to share your CDVP2 Status!
  • And more…  Read about it in our knowledge base:

Why does the word LEGACY appear on my certificate?

CDVP2 – LEGACY means: unique group of original practitioners who have had certificates issued up to this point on existing materials.

What If I don’t get an email but I have a CDVP2 certification?

Please use the following form:

If you don’t receive any emails from us, that either means your CDVP2 Certified Checkbox isn’t turned on (which is only allowed by administrators), OR you don’t have any records registered with our CRM.  You only need a record with our CRM, you do not need a membership with to have your certificate uploaded.

Logging In to Accredible

There are very specific instructions for you to log in to

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