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Receiving or Redeeming a Gift Card

When you receive a Gift Card – you receive an email.  The email will contain a coupon code (also known as a voucher).    In the case of Gift Memberships – you can only apply the gift membership coupon code to the Team or Individual Membership product.  Each coupon code may apply to different products.  The email will tell you which products the gift card / coupon code will apply to.

To REDEEM the coupon code, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to our SHOP / store
  2. Select the product for which the coupon code applies
  3. Follow the purchase instructions (set the options, choose quantity etc…) and add to your cart
  4. During the checkout process, add the COUPON CODE to the cart to apply the discount amount
  5. Complete the checkout process.

NOTE: the coupon code will only be valid for up to 30 days after you receive it in your email. If the purchaser contacts you, and you have not received the email or the coupon code, please read: Not Receiving Emails – and follow the instructions there.  If you still have trouble, contact us for more information.

What if it says: Coupon Code Invalid?

Please contact us for more information- please tell us: which coupon code you are trying to redeem, and share the email you received from the purchaser, so we can trace the details.

Can I split the voucher?

No.  You can only use the voucher once, and it must be used / applied for the maximum amount possible.  Once used, the voucher will expire and any remaining amount will be zeroed out.

Do I need an account first before redeeming the coupon?

No.  Your account will be created during the checkout process IF you don’t already have one.

What if I have an account on the system first?

Login first – THEN redeem the coupon.  This will ensure you maintain a single account on our system.  For those of you with groups already registered, you may register other groups as well – please read our article on Managing Multiple Groups for more information.

Can I redeem the voucher for cash?

No.  The Gift Card is a prepaid payment device that comes with a set dollar value. It is not a credit card, charge card or debit card. The Gift Card has no associated service or dormancy fees but may have an expiration date. The Gift Card can be used at the brands, the company owned web site at https://www.DataVaultAlliance.com/ . We reserve the right to require credit card or alternate non-promotional payment method information for verification purposes, even if the Gift Card fully covers the transaction order total. We do not allow the purchase of a Gift Card with another Gift Card or discount. The Gift Card may only be used to purchase products and services and may not be redeemed for cash, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The Gift Cards are not transferable and may not be used for unlawful purposes. Please see our website for full terms and conditions.

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