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Multiple Subscriptions

Overlapping Subscriptions

You might find yourself in a position with multiple active subscriptions, and you might be wondering: how does this work for my access to the platform?  We will answer all of those questions and more in this article.

What is an Overlapping Subscription?

An Overlapping Subscription is: multiple subscriptions that expire at different points based on the purchase in our store.    An example series of events is below:

  1. On 11-October You purchase: Product A – and product A gives you 90 days access
  2. On 20-November you purchase: Product B – and product B gives you 90 days access

You now have: Overlapping Subscriptions.

In the above situation, How and When does my subscription expire?

Your subscription to each product, expires relative to the product purchase date.

  1. For purchase #1: The expiration is set: 11-January (90 days from original purchase date)
  2. For purchase #2: the expiration is extended to: 20-February (90 days from the LAST purchase).
What happens to my account after all product access expire?

Your account stays on our platform in read-only mode, unless you request us to delete your information.  In the future, you can expedite the purchase process by logging in first, then making the purchase through the store.

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