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Multiple Subscriptions

Overlapping Subscriptions / Multiple Memberships

You might find yourself in a position with multiple active subscriptions, and you might be wondering: how does this work for my access to the platform and the forums?  We will answer all of those questions and more in this article.

How is Membership to the Forums managed?

For most purchases on our site, access to the forums is included.  This includes: e-learning classes, event attendance, and of course membership purchases.   Forum Membership may not be attached to purchases of “swag” (ie: hats, pens, shirts, etc…).

The basic rule of thumb for forum membership is:  As long as you have at least one active subscription (to a product type mentioned above) you will have read-write access to the forums.

Read Account Privileges for more information about read-only / read-write forum access.

What is an Overlapping Subscription?

Overlapping subscription is: multiple subscriptions that expire at different points, that either were given to you through a coupon, or through purchase in our store.    An example series of events is below:

  1. On 11-October You purchase: Product A – and product A gives you 90 days access/membership to our forums
  2. On 20-November you purchase: Product B – and product B gives you 90 days access/membership to our forums

You now have: Overlapping memberships.

In the above situation, How and When does my membership expire?

Your “full membership” expires when the LAST / LATEST subscription expires.  Taking the example above a bit further:

  1. For purchase #1: The expiration is set: 11-January (90 days from original purchase date)
  2. For purchase #2: the expiration is extended to: 20-February (90 days from the LAST purchase).

If you are “invited” to a GROUP after your original purchase, and are participating in a group, that would be “product 2” in this scenario.

What if I have a Yearly Membership and I purchase an e-learning class with 90 days access?

Good question.  The scenario is below:

  1. 11-October, Purchase Yearly Membership, Expiration is: 10-October the following year
  2. 20-November, Purchase 90 day access to e-learning.
    Your full membership expiration is: 10-October the following year
    Your access to the e-learning content expires 20-February (for the e-learning content only)

In other words – your “membership expiration dates” are not additive.

What if I purchase two yearly memberships at different times?

The scenario is below:

  1. 11-October, purchase Yearly Membership – expiration is: 10-October following year
  2. 20-November, purchase 2nd yearly membership – expiration is: 19-November the following year

Your full membership access to the forums will be: 19-November the following year (the latest of the two).

What if I’m gifted a membership, but already have one?

If you are gifted a membership, and you already have one – you should use the gift coupon / card to start another membership subscription.  Why? because in most cases, it will  have a later expiration date, granting you longer access to the forums, and the gift coupon will expire 30 days after it’s purchased and sent to you.


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