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Corporate Group and Team Accounts

We now provide the opportunity to purchase group or team access to most things in our shop.  To setup / or purchase access for your corporate team or company group, follow the instructions below:  (the example provided is Team Membership – the instructions apply to any shop item that allows group purchase).

About the subscription:
  • Non-Renewing, non-automatic.
    This is a one-time-charge.  If you want to renew, you must renew yourself near the end of your subscription.  You will receive an email about 30 days before your subscription expires – asking you to renew.
  • You can enroll / unenroll team members at any time during the life of the subscription (up to the max number of registrations)
Steps to purchasing a group / corporate team:
  1. Select the product from our shop (in this case: Team Membership)
  2. Click the button: “SELECT OPTIONS”
  3. Set Number of Seats (Quantity), number of team members you want to assign
  4. Enroll Me Check Box:
    • If you would like access yourself: Click enroll me (this will charge you for your seat, and give you active membership)
    • If you do not want access: do not click enroll me – you will still be able to manage the members of your team.
  5. Enter a GROUP NAME:  (suggested: company name-division-geo location)
    FOR EXAMPLE: Data Vault Alliance-Finance-UK    where UK = united kingdom.
  6. Click SIGN UP NOW
Checkout Process:
  1. IF you have a coupon code, enter it on the checkout page / cart page.
  2. You can modify the quantity on the cart as well, but remember: these are the total number of memberships you are purchasing, and if you “enrolled yourself”, it will always be +1 (a membership for you).
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Fill in the required information for purchase.
    WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON OUR SERVERS.  All payment information is sent directly to for processing, and is encrypted across HTTPS protocol.
  5. Complete Payment and click: I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions

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