Account Privileges

What are my account privileges?

We have two modes for your account:

  • Read-Write (member) on the discussion forums
  • Read-Only (viewer) on the discussion forums
  • Read-Only (GUEST or Web-Visitor or Logged Out member)
What does Read-Write Mean?

Read-Write gives you the ability to:

  • post new topics
  • reply to existing topics
  • like / vote up /down topics
  • view all replies to topics
  • search members
  • private message members
  • view your courses (if you have access to courses)
  • download attachments that are embedded in topics
  • can “subscribe” or be notified of topic replies on your topic
  • search the forums
  • view member profiles
  • participate in polls
  • view poll results
What does Read-Only mean?

Read-only is known as: Viewer or Guest.   Guest privileges are similar to viewer with a few exceptions as noted below:

  • READ topics – only topics
  • Search forums
As Viewer you have additional privileges:
  • update your own profile
  • edit your email
  • reset your password
  • continue to receive newsletters (opt in / out of newsletters)
  • receive special discounts and notifications about coupons
  • keep your history of orders / purchases / subscriptions
  • keep your history of courses you attended
  • renew your account

IF you renew your account, your full member privileges will be re-instated.

Things you cannot do as a viewer or guest:
  • cannot read replies
  • cannot download topic attachments
  • cannot post new topics or ask new questions
  • cannot private message members
  • cannot search members
  • cannot view member profiles
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