Welcome to our Vendor Tool Certification Program Application

By filling in this form you are applying for entry to our VTC Program.  Please be verbose in your descriptions and intent.

Our VTCP enrollment window is open for two months starting 1 December through 31 January.  If you miss the enrollment window you will need to wait for the following year, no exceptions.

We also offer a Consulting and Tool Review service for tools that are not general release or for vendors looking to enhance their products with our feedback.

Please use the CONTACT-US form if you are interested in our Consulting and Tool Review process.

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Please tell us a bit about your company and your product - along with reasons why you feel your product or tool would benefit from participating in our VTC Program.
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NOTE: The contact person should also be the "manager" - the interface point between DVA and your company. This includes providing you (the contact) with a login to the certification site so that you can monitor the progress of the technical submissions.
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Additional Information

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   Example Version number should be MAJOR.MINOR : 3.3
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