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We would love to know more about your interest in our Kick Start services.  Please let us know a few more details about your kick start interest.

We’re excited that you chose to chat with us about your kick-start interest!  Let us know a little more about your desires, and we will get back in touch with you ASAP.  Thank you!

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On-Site Address for Kick Start

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Please choose ONE objective to meet for the kick start. This is how we measure success of the kick-start for executive management.
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Please add at least 3 metrics, not exceeding 8 metrics that you wish to see as outcomes from the kick-start prototype. Click the ADD button to add metrics you wish us to produce. Define as you would define a hierarchy: number of sales by year by month by region

Desired Mart Objects

Automation Vendor Involvement in Kick Start

This is for including an automation vendor such as: WhereScape, erWin, dbtVault, etc... This excludes the database vendors. We fully understand and expect to work with the database vendors on this project.
Automation Vendor Involvement *
IF you wish to invite ONE automation vendor to participate in the kick-start, you must tell us which one, and you are responsible for arrangements, setup, and install ahead of time (prior to the kick-start commencing). This excludes the database vendor (like Snowflake, Oracle, SQLServer-Microsoft)
We need to know whom to contact at the vendor, so we can begin the discussions before the kick-start happens.