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Rodrigo Bocanegra Introduction - Greetings from Colombia - South America!  

By Rodrigo Bocanegra Cruz, 2 days ago

Introduce Yourself
  Hello everybody!! It's a pleasure to join this community. I am one of the few determined to implement DV2.0 in my country this year. I have been leading software and data projects for about 10 years (...
Steps for an Agile Sprint or Iteration  

By Daniel Linstedt, 2 days ago

Getting Started with DV
  Here are some steps that I recommend every team take when running a Data Vault project / sprint / iteration: NOTE: FROM step 5 to step 12 should take you about 6 to 8 hours the very first time you do ...
Can't attend CDVP2 Class? No problem  

By Daniel Linstedt, 3 days ago

Getting Started with DV
  We would love for you to attend class, but realize that there are a number of issues with that happening, ranging from cost to availability (in your geographic location), and more. So if you can't a...
Welcome to Getting Started!  

By Daniel Linstedt, 3 days ago

Getting Started with DV
  Thank you for being a fan of Data Vault, and for engaging in the community. This forum is for newbies, beginners, those that are getting started in Data Vault - whether or not you've been trained. I...
AWS re:invent Recap  

By Patrick Cuba, 3 days ago

Technical Discussions
  I attended a re:invent recap and AWS have provided links to the PDFs and some of the videos from the some 520 sessions in Vegas. A plethora of new products! Mostly focussed on SageMaker and other AI ...
The "Amazon way of doing BI?"  

By Daniel Linstedt, 6 days ago

Business Discussions
  Hi Folks, DISCLAIMER: THIS IS OPINION BASED ON 2nd HAND DISCUSSIONS I HAD WITH SOME FOLKS. I am not proposing in any way that this is the full-solution that they have built. I am positive there are ...
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