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[Sticky] Materials Access and Timed Expiration

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Hi Everyone,

We have in the past, offered WWDVC (world wide Data Vault Consortium) materials, and will do so again.  We also offer materials that accompany CDVP2 classes - we have a bit of self-paced e-learning that goes along side the course.

Please note the following about "timed" access to materials:

  • all "purchases" on this platform for virtual products / on-line courses / documents, etc.. will be timed.  Meaning when the time runs out, your access will be cut-off.  
  • Different products will have different purchase time-lines. 
  • Each product will STATE before purchase - how much time you have access to the materials for

Access to the community Forums / Membership:

As of: January 2020, all memberships to the forums grant 1 full year (12 months, 365 days) to the forums, and to anything else that we "offer" in the general community.  We reserve the right to offer limited time downloads, PDF's, and other resources as we move forward.

CDVP2 - Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner Course Materials for Day 1

You will only be granted access to the videos for 90 days, after that - your access to these course materials will end.  To gain access again, you need to re-enroll in CDVP2 class to take it again.

Access to WWDVC (Conference Materials)

Access to WWDVC will be granted to conference attendees, once the conference materials have been properly edited and rendered.  Usually this process takes between 2 and 4 weeks.   Access to the materials typically will be 90 days from that point.  Why?  because 3 months after one conference we start planning for the following year.

If you need or want "extended" access to WWDVC, we can grant that to you (as of September 2020) by providing a specialized single use coupon code.

Anyone wishing to leverage / view WWDVC materials that was not in attendance, can access these materials by purchasing a 90-day use license.

Access to other e-learning Content

Different e-learning content sold in our store (as of September 2020) will have different access time-lines.  We will post the accessibility time-line on the product description BEFORE the purchase is made, so that you can make an informed decision.