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[Closed] Is your account INACTIVE?  


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08/11/2019 4:32 pm  

If you have not logged in for 90 days (consecutively), then your account has been marked INACTIVE.

This simply means: you have read only access to the topics in the forums, but you cannot see the replies, you can no longer make new posts, and you cannot make new replies.  It also means you will not have access to most of the features available (such as the members list), or the "my courses".

To Reactivate:

1) Renew your membership - IF you renew your membership, make sure you register with the SAME email you already have your inactive account with.

2) IF you are on a Yearly Membership or you are registered with a Group / corporation, then all you should need to do is: log back in.  Logging back in *should* re-activate your membership.  If you are on a yearly or group membership please DO NOT renew / purchase new membership.

Questions?  Use the CONTACT US form to send us questions. 

Thanks, DVA Management

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