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[Sticky] Do you have TWO or more Registered Accounts?  


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01/11/2019 10:56 am  

Hi Folks,

I've noticed a trend lately, that some have registered with new emails here, as opposed to activating their old email - then editing / changing their email address.   IF you have two emails (or more) with our platform, please let us know: a) which two emails you have, and b) which ONE email you wish to keep active? 

We are after all, a BI community.  By leveraging two different emails for yourself, you are "creating dirty data" - the very thing you complain about with your own business users.

You CAN change your email address any time you like, before or after you "purchase" access.  It is better to change your email first, then purchase access (using the same email you already have for your account).

Thanks, the management

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