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[Solved] October 2020 Announcements

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We have exciting announcements for the community!

  • We have upgraded our performance, you may have noticed?
  • We have upgraded our customer experience, you can now manage your own renewals using "My Shop Account"
  • We have engaged Group Sales, and self-group management.
  • We are about to roll out Gift Cards!! You can buy Gift Memberships for your friends, customers, team-mates or co-workers!
  • We are getting ready for more announcements and new content deliveries so watch this space!!
  • We rolled out 1 year free membership to ALL 2000 community members - if you had an account or attended a class in the last year, you will have already received an email (or will be in the next 48 hours), about upgrading your account.

If you have questions or trouble with your account, please use the SUPPORT forum here, or the contact us form to let us know.

We are excited about all these changes, the platform has now stabilized, and we hope it's a better overall experience for everyone.


Please help us to make the forums BETTER by POSTING more topics and replies, even if you have just a thought or idea, please go ahead and post.  It doesn't have to be perfect, or polished - forums are for idea based discussions, so Go Ahead!  Post More Often, and we will do our best to respond!

DON'T FORGET TO TAG YOUR TOPICS...  This helps the Searches be more successful


Thank you all for your continued support!

Data Vault Alliance Management Team