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New GUEST permissions  

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Hello Everyone,

In an effort to share a bit more, to be a bit more open, we have increased the GUEST permissions just a little bit.  For SPECIFIC Forums, Guests can now:

  1. Read TOPICS only (not replies)
  2. Use Tag Search & view Topic Result List
  3. Use Forum Search & View Topic Result List
  4. View Polls and Poll Results (CANNOT vote without logging in)
  5. Get a LINK to a topic and paste it somewhere else on the web

Guests CANNOT: (without registering and logging in)

  1. Vote in polls
  2. Post replies
  3. View member details
  4. View list of members
  5. Search members
  6. Private Message Members
  7. Access Attachments / Downloads
  8. Add Tags
  9. LIKE replies or topics
  10. View Member Avatars

What a Guest can do, a Search Engine can also do / see.

Due to Privacy Laws and Concerns: we have kept the member details locked to Members Only.  You must be a part of this community in order to view member details.