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[Solved] January 2021 - Announcement and News!

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Hi Everyone!

First - thank you to all who are contributing, asking questions, seeking replies, responding and generally networking and communicating.  Our forums could not be a big success without YOU.   We really appreciate all that you do here, and look forward to providing a thriving community of answers going forward.    Happy New Year!!!

Now on to a couple of cool housekeeping items:

GDPR, PII, & compliance

We've implemented / are implementing GDPR and PII compliance cookies and are in the process of updating our privacy and cookie policy - those things will come in to compliance shortly.

"Right to be forgotten" - if anyone (and I mean anyone) wishes to have their account fully deleted, just use the contact us form and let us know.  We would be sad to see you go, but would take care of that for you no questions asked.  Just remember: anything you posted here will be left in the public forums, but will be anonymized (assigned to anonymous).

User Experience & Performance:

We are constantly working on upgrading your user experience.  We've ironed out quite a few details over the last 8 months, and we finally feel as though our back-end processing has stabilized, resulting in a far more stable front-end (as well as faster).

We continue to monitor and work on overall performance of the website.  We haven't had any "performance complaints", so that's a good sign.  BUT if you need to talk with us because of an issue, please do so - fill in the CONTACT US form here on the site.

Reminder of Features you have, you might not remember...

  • Private Messaging!!  My Account -> Messages TAB (yes, the recipient will be automatically notified of a message)
  • Forum "subscriptions" My Account -> Forum Subscriptions TAB
    You can "sign up for notifications when someone posts a new topic or reply" / manage your forum notifications there.
  • Forum Activity... My Account -> Activity TAB
    tells you all of your topics and replies you have contributed to the forums
  • Search by TAG:  Click your "favorite tag" in the right side-bar, to see a list of ALL topics & replies with that TAG
    Ever want to find out what others think???  You can go to the POLLS section and start your own POLL!!
  • Saved Revisions of a new post
    Did you "start a new post", forget to save /post it, or accidentally navigate away, or accidentally close the web browser?  Want your post back?  No Problem - go back to the forum you were posting in, click NEW TOPIC or REPLY then scroll down to where you see "## Revisions",  click Revisions, and wait for it to re-load.  It will pull back your latest 3 revisions, choose one and hit RESTORE, then finish posting and VOILA! you've restored your posting!
  • Advanced Search - By author, by topic, by forum, by relevance, by keyword, by title, etc...  lots of great stuff there!
  • CDVP2 Certified?  Store your certificate, My Account -> Edit, scroll to the bottom and upload a copy of your certificate.  Then LET US KNOW (if the CDVP2 checkbox is not activated), we will activate it afterwards.
  • COURSE ACCESS:  My Account -> My Courses menu option!!

What's in store for the community in 2021?

A look forward now in to features and things we will be trying out this year....

NEW COURSES - we have plans to bring micro-courses (1 hour on-line, self paced topics) to the platform, some free, some paid.

New Quizzes - that's right, want to check your skill set?  Quizzes will be taking shape that can help you see where you are, and what you might want to learn more about.

Interaction with Partner Tool Vendors - want to "click a link / fill in a form" and request access to a tool vendor on-line?  Want 30/60/90 day access to that tool to try it out?  We hope to build this out this year, although it will be up to the vendor to "allow" and manage the timeline of access you have to their tool.

List of Certified Tool Vendors - we are looking at building a list of tools / vendors that meet specific DV2 certification standards and criteria.  We hope to provide you with an unbiased report of how these tool vendors fair when meeting the standards.

Return of WWDVC from years past - we will be bringing back WWDVC content, and assigning access to those that want it restored, to view the conference videos from years past.

More Metrics & Personal Dashboard - we hope to bring more metrics to you about your participation in the community.

Webinars - Our hope is to provide Monthly Webinars, and then to allow access to the webinar recordings here on the platform.

Quarterly Newsletters - We will be bringing quarterly published newsletters, we don't want to overwhelm you, but we want to keep you informed of our progress around the world!!


We hope you've enjoyed this update, and as always - we are always happy to hear from you, especially if you have ideas that we should be thoughtful of, ways to improve the community and your experience.  Please do let us know!

DVA Management (Dan, Cindi, Sanjay, April)