[Sticky] FORUMS TO BE CLOSED - End of 2021

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First, a HUGE thanks to everyone in the community.  We really appreciate your efforts here and all that you've done.

What about my current active membership?

Anyone that purchased membership between October 1, 2020 and September 28, 2021 - don't worry.  We will either provide you with a refund or an equivalent value product (to be decided).   Forums will remain open (read/write) until December 1st, 2021.  Then, they will be frozen and switched to read/only.

Third: Why are the forums going to be closed?

DVA's mission is to provide the absolute best in Data Vault Certification and training.  Our focus is returning to providing better education and better certifications. 

Are there alternatives?

Yes.  Seek out your local Data Vault User-groups.  They typically have lively and more active discussions happening about Data Vault, where it is - what's happening, and so on.  These discussions happen on Slack and meetup of course.

Can I "COPY CONTENT" from this forum?

NO.  Our legal statements do not allow anything posted on these forums to be copied to other public places.  You *may* print to PDF and save local copies on your own drive for personal purposes.

What if I'm a CDVP2 Student? What will I have access to?

You will continue to have access (for 90 days) to the CDVP2 course-ware on-line here.  This will continue to be the case for all students that are granted access to those materials.

What are the time-frames for closure?

An email is coming soon (today is September 28th, 2021) to all the active members in the community with more information around timelines and plans.

HOWEVER: We will keep the forums around until December 31st, 2021.

Where did the POLLS go?

We have deprecated all POLLING functions, there were not enough votes or participation in the polls to make the results worthwhile.

Where did the DV2 Standards Go?

We have removed the forum from the site.  Sometime in 2022 we will be providing standards documents to students that enroll in future courses.  Again, there was a serious lack of participation in this forum to warrant keeping it around until we close the forums.


Because we are closing the forums, we are no longer allowing new members to join.  There is no longer a need for introductions.  That said - for the time being, private messaging is still running.

Where did Getting Started with Data Vault go?

Many of the posts here have been moved to TECHNICAL DISCUSSIONS, they really did not belong in the getting started forum.

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